1000+ New Jobs in UK , USA, Canada | Vesa Free | Salary 25,000$ / Month

By | September 10, 2023

1000+ New Jobs in UK , USA, Canada | Vesa Free | Salary 25,000$ / Month

There are 1000 jobs in the oil and manufacturing industries of USA, Canada and UK. Of these, 100 Engineers are needed. 50 Drivers and other workers will also be required. Online applications are available for those with a valid petroleum engineering degree.

The salary package ranges from 30$-70$, but can be as high as 7,000$ or 25,000$ depending on the type of employee. It’s up to you, your experience and qualifications as well as which category you apply for. It is important that those applying for this position do so quickly.

All candidates that are selected for these positions will receive some benefits. These include free visas, no English tests required at first and a free flight. No need to wait for the chance message, apply now.

Vesa Free

Cook jobs in Canada with free visa: More than just your neighborhood restaurant. Our group is made up of small business owners who are dedicated. The cooks are responsible for preparing a wide variety of dishes. Cooks work in restaurants and hotels as well as hospitals, healthcare centers, food commissaries at schools, etc. They are also employed in logging, construction, and ships.

Get the details of cooking jobs in Canada with free visa

  • Part-time Job: Type of job
  • Brossard (Quebec) Location:
Get a Free Visa to Canada for Cooking Jobs 2023

Transport Department Job Opportunities in Canada

According to my confirmation, the British Columbia transport department is currently hiring entry-level inventory jobs at CR-04 level. These positions are located in Kelowna and Penticton as well as Sidney and Prince Rupert.

You can apply for a job at Transport Canada in the CR-04 job level. The salary is $50.8k.

Three Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs

You need to act fast if you are interested in working with RCMP Canada. The deadline for submitting resume along with a job application is 8/7/2023. However, I would like to inform you that RCMP will consider job candidates who have experience or proficiency using CPIC/PRIME/TEAM/SAP as well as those applicants capable of providing administrative support to senior officers.

If you are hired by the RCMP by 2023, you’ll be paid according to Canadian Employment Rules CR 04/05 which is between $50.8k and $60.1k annually. 

Mail Clerk Jobs Canada- $45.8k+ Salary

The RCMP has also advertised multiple positions for mail clerks, with a salary of $45k+. You can apply for these jobs until December 31st 2023.

It is very easy to get a job with the Canadian Government. You will need to have mastered MS Office Suite including Excel, Powerpoint and Word. Previous experience at admin-level duties would be a plus.

1# Job Opportunities for Room Attendants in Hotels across Canada

We all enjoy our vacations in a luxurious hotel. These luxury hotels are owed a great deal by their staff in maintaining their surroundings. The job of a room attendant is to keep the hotel rooms in pristine condition and maintain a warm, welcoming atmosphere for their guests.

 No formal education is required for this type of job. This position does not require any previous experience.

  • Average Salary

In Canada, the average salary for a room attendant is between CAD$19 and CAD$22 per hour. Some companies offer additional benefits like health insurance, housing allowance, and dental care.

  • Jobs at

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel, Gnosis Hotel Management Inc.

Housekeeping jobs in Canada

Canada’s lack of workers has led to the government opening its doors for foreigners. Housekeeping, like many similar jobs, does not require any prior work experience or education qualification

  • Average Salary

In Canada, housekeepers can earn between CAD$16 and CAD$25 per hour depending on who you work for.

  • Jobs at

Three Numbers of Dishwashers in Canada

Anyone would hate to have a kitchen full of dirty dishes. This is particularly true for restaurants and hotels. Dishwashers ensure that cooks are equipped to perform their duties and also provide sparkling silverware for diners. This job is similar to the previously mentioned positions in that it does not require a diploma or any other educational requirements.

  • Average Salary

The average salary for dishwashers is between CAD$30k and a CAN$41k per annum. Some Canadian hotels offer discounts to their employees on the food they serve. Discounts are always welcome.

  • Jobs at

Simeon’s Restaurant Ltd., Whitespot Inns of Peace Valley, Lulu Bar.

Security Officer jobs in Canada

Another position which might interest some people is overseeing security at large businesses. Some companies require specific qualifications for this kind of work, unlike the posts that I’ve discussed in previous articles. It may be:

  1. Good judgment and pro-active solution skills
  2. Technology expert
  • Education Requirements

High School Diploma

  • Average Salary

Some companies in Canada offer security officers jobs at a rate of CAD$21 to CAD$23 an hour.

  • Jobs at

Synterra Security Solutions LP. Shangri-La Hotels. Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd. Pinnacle Protection Services Inc.

5# Front desk Agent Jobs in Canada

In hotels and resorts, front desk agents check guests into and out of rooms. For this type of job, you need a qualification in hospitality and other fields related to it. The following are also considered valuable skills for this career.

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills refined
  2. Maintaining good customer relationships
  3. Technology expertise
  4. Maintaining a friendly personality
  • Average Salary

Some hotels offer CAD$25k to 65k per annum with bonuses such as staff housing and discounts for front desk agents.

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